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Success Stories

Success Stories


We get letters and emails of success stories from our adoptions of pets here at the Barstow Humane Society. We would like to share some of them with you. If you or your adopted pet have a success story from an adoption, please mail or email us so we may share it with others. A picture is also appreciated with your story. When emailing a success story to us, please put the words "Success Story" in your email subject heading.


Dear Barstow Humane Society,

We adopted our beautiful cat Kalea (her name was Beauty at the time)
through the Victorville PetsMart adoption program in December of 2006.
My husband and I had no idea that we would be adopting a kitty that day
(we were actually in PetsMart shopping for dog food).  Kalea was in a
cage near the entrance of the store and she literally reached her paw
through the bars to touch me.  I must say it was love at first sight...
I couldn't resist the "won't you take me home?" expression on her face.
Kalea is now in 2008 enjoying the good life in Big Bear Lake... her favorite
activity is watching the squirrels and birds through the windows.  We
also have two elderly dogs and the three of them get along just fine
together.  Kalea has enriched our lives so much and we're grateful to
everyone at your facility for giving us the opportunity to provide Kalea
with a loving home.

Jim & Debbie
Big Bear Lake, CA



Hi there!
My family has had the immense pleasure of adding to our family due to you guys! :)  We went to Petsmart in Victorville 2 weekends ago looking to full fill my children's dream of getting a dog.  We fell in love with a sweet little doggie named Gi Gi that looked so sad in her cage.  After Jill let my children walk her around the store, and we were informed that she had about a week left to live, we snatched her up!  She is an absolute dream!!!  The sweetest little thing whom is spoiled hugely by our family! :)
My 9 year son wanted to write a letter so I will include that at the end of this (he typed it himself!).  Also, I will attach some pictures like Jill suggested we do!  We hope you want to share our story! 
Thank you so much!
The Tucker Family
When we first got Gi Gi we were so happy! My brother and I had always wanted to get a dog and now we finally had one! Even though I have sometimes been a little scared of dogs, my brother has always loved them.  Now that I have a dog I have conquered my fear or well sort've, I love dogs now. My sister plays with Gi Gi the most and that's because she's two and doesn't have homework like I do!  When I finish it then I play with Gi Gi. She love's my Mom the most.  I am so happy that we found Gi Gi and saved her life! She was about one week away from being put to sleep and dying, but happily she didn't! Thank you Barstow Humane Society for helping us add another member to our family!
                                                                                                                    The Tucker Family                                                                   



Dear Barstow Humane Society,

            My name is Dulcinea (or Dulcie for short as my new mom and dad call me). I was adopted from your shelter just in the nick of time and I have been grateful ever since. You should see my new home now. Wow! …. Fish ponds, grass, cool air in the summer, great food and water, pets all the time, and the list goes on. I have had to change some of my old ways, but that’s okay. The school that they took me to helped a lot and I’m still working on some little “things”…… like rabbit chasing. I know I’ll break that habit one day.

            Thank you for your care and patience with me while I was at your shelter. You all gave me the ability to have a second chance at a wonderful loving life. With out the Barstow Humane Society and its loving employees, I think I know what my fate would have been. Please tell the others there to keep their muzzles up and good things will come their way.

Loving wet licks,


Barstow Heights  



Dear Barstow Humane Society,

Thank you for finding me a loving home (I'm the little brown dog on the right). My spirits were down during my short visit with you and I knew I had no days left according to my ID card, but then I saw my new family of Bill and Jill walking by my cage. I knew it would be them! If not for all your sincere care and efforts to get me adopted at the Barstow Humane Society, I probably would have doggy wings by now. You'll always be in my little doggy heart. You succeeded in doing one of the toughest jobs in the world. I hope to come visit you some day and give you all some loving kisses.

Your friend forever,

Coco Puff    

Ps. Now happily with my new family of 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 horses, one burro, oh .... and two humans ...... at the Silver Nugget Ranch.

Daisy Duke06052007.JPG

Dear Barstow Humane Society,                           
Thought you might like to see how Daisy aka Daisy Duke looks now.  She has filled out a little, wags her tails, romps with the other dog Hermione (also licensed), and smiles.

Thanks for your help and for caring,
Deb & Ken

Barstow, CA


Dear friends at the Barstow Humane Society,

On October 3, 2003 you rescued me, a neglected, dirty little ShihTzu stray with stinky, matted fur and multiple medical problems. Thanks to your intervention, I now have a fine new home, healthful food, good medical care, regular grooming, a soft clean bed,lot of toys, and a family that loves me. Jim Takes me for walks and we go to the Post Office in the golf cart. You wouldn't believe my good fortune.

I turn, I do my part. I bring in the newspaper every morning, perform silly little tricks that please my People, and diligently watch and protect them day and night.

Of course, I had to make a few concessions in my new life. The Living Room seemed like a convenient out of the way place for a potty, but they didn't like that. Now I go outside. No problem! I bit three different groomers, but I'm getting better about that as my medical problems improve. (I love being clean. I'm such a handsome fellow!) They don't want me to chase the cat, but sometimes I just can't help myself!

When I first came here, I didn't like men. Now I like everybody. My People have children and grandchildren who all love me. I know I will never be homeless again.

My family and I are deeply greatful for the miracles you perform in helping Pound Puppies like me find new lives. Enclosed is a small check ----Wish it could be more.

Yours Faithfully,

Arnie (The ShihTzu) Schwarzenegger Heckman

Silver Lakes, CA