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Pet Adoption Bus

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Press release April 14, 2008

The Pet Adoption Bus Makes Debut


The Barstow Humane Society’s “Pet Adoption Bus” made its debut this last weekend by successfully adopting out a total of 30 pets at Petsmart in Victorville and Fontana. Twenty-four dogs and 6 cats were the winners here. The Pet Adoption Bus was donated to the Barstow Humane Society, per their request, by the City of Barstow as an adoption vehicle to help up the number of adoptions at the Barstow Animal Shelter.


The traveling adoption team is manned by one paid employee and two to three volunteers. “It’s a tough day out, but the success of saving this many innocent pets lives is worth the extra effort. It’s the right thing to do!” says the team. The Barstow Humane Society hopes that the team will grow and be able to turn the Barstow Animal Shelter into a 100% adoptable City and County shelter in the near future and putting a feather in the Barstow Humane Society’s cap.


The Pet Adoption Bus currently has the support of several local businesses to help with funding and general maintenance of the vehicle. They are Wal-Mart Store #1879, Wal-mart (Apple Valley) Distribution Center #7033, MV Transit, Barstow Transfer and Storage, Conversions Firestone, Sparkle Car Wash, and Dollars 4 Charity. If you or your business would like to become a supporter of the Pet Adoption Bus you may go online to www.BarstowHumaneSociety.org and make a contribution or contact them in person at the Barstow Humane Society, 2480 E. Main St., Barstow, CA 92311.


Currently the Barstow Humane Society is in negotiations with the City of Barstow to increase their contract funding. Current operational financial needs of the shelter to service the City of Barstow at this time are not being met. The last contract funding agreement from the City of Barstow to The Barstow Humane Society was back in 1997.